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New Car Servicing

Moore Automotive & LPG is on the most trusted vehicle service providers in North Western Sydney NSW. If you are looking for a vehicle to purchase of your own choice but do not have any clue that is it going to fulfill your requirements or want to get your new car serviced.

Well, here we can help you with your new car service. For purchasing a new car, we will guide you step by step and for servicing a new car, our certified technicians will take care of your newly purchased vehicles’ servicing without damaging the manufacturer’s warranty.

We use approved after market or genuine parts to keep the vehicles and our customers happy. Contact us to book an appointment for your new car service.

Logbook Servicing

Every vehicle should be assigned with a log / service book from the Manufacturer. Our Logbook service is for the customers who want to keep their vehicle for a longer period. Moore Automotive & LPG’s team of technicians will examine your car in the way that the manufacturer intended. Vehicle’s under new car warranty do not need to go back to the dealer.

Every component that is mentioned in your vehicle’s Logbook will be examined by our experts and the data will be recorded on the logbook. This whole process keeps your car under the manufacturers warranty and the resale value remains genuine.

For more details about Logbook Servicing, Contact us or drop us an email.

Minor & Major Services

When you feel like your car needs some sort of quick service then you are in the right place. Simply bring your vehicle at Moore Automotive & LPG’s work station and get minor & major services. Minor services include simple check-up and service of the vehicle.

And, major services include replacement of spark plug, cabin filter, fuel filter and much more. Basically, major services are the additional service layer on minor services and are implemented when minor services do not satisfy you.

So get your vehicle’s minor & major services done at Moore Automotive & LPG. For booking an appointment, please Contact us.

LPG Servicing

In today’s time of rising fuel cost, sometimes long-rides become quite costly for everyone. We as an automotive service provider understand every customer’s need and have every make and model’s LPG gas kits for their vehicle.

Our expert technicians are well-versed with LPG kit installation so that you can switch to LPG even if your primary fuel burns off. This will allow you to take your vehicle for long-rides.

Also, if you already have an LPG kit within your car and facing any gas leakage or any other problem regarding LPG, we are here to provide assistance. Simply Contact us and book an appoint for your ride.

Load Asst Air Bags

Many heavy weights or loaded vehicles give up their suspension while running on roads. Which is why we provide load assist airbag installation service to give customers’ vehicle a new air-filled suspension who regularly use their vehicle for towing and carrying heavier loads.

Load assist air bags are fitted on the rear suspension to keep the ride safe and secure. It can also be installed in lightweight vehicles that carry heavy loads frequently.

It’s a good solution to keep your car’s suspension in good health for many years. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.